Friday, June 6, 2014

Just can't get it together and a wicked Vegan Rawish Asparagus Soup

So it seems it's almost summer and I think I'm going to rename this blog The Lazy Tomato Snob, or perhaps in the spirit of being a total douche bag TLTS, cause acronyms are oh SHRN (so hot right now). I might have just made that up, but probably it exists. Anyways this is an awesome springy, green, rawish soup recipe and If you like Thai flavors you'll swoon for it. 

Medium sweet onion - chopped
4 garlic cloves - minced
1-2 Thai bird chilies - chopped
1 tbs grated ginger
6 dried kaffir lime leaves
1 tbc minced lemongrass 
1 large bunch of asparagus - tough bottoms trimmed off and rough chopped
1 cup frozen sweet peas 
1/2 can coconut milk 
1L vegetable stock
1 tbs coconut sugar (honey or maple syrup can be used instead)
Celtic Sea salt - pinch
1-2 tbs coconut oil 
1 lime - juiced 

toasted peanuts
toasted, shredded coconut (sweetened)  
fresh cilantro leaves - optional 
extra section of lime 
finely sliced red bird chili

On medium heat sautée onions, garlic, ginger in coconut oil until translucent. Add a pinch or two of salt, chillies, kaffir lime, lemongrass and continue to cook for another minute or two. Then add asparagus and cover to allow them to slightly steam only until they go bright green (1-2 minutes). Add in coconut milk, and stock, stir to combine, and remove from heat immediately. Add the peas and blend everything until smooth. 

Freeze your ginger and grate it into the pot using a wrasp or microplane. Gourmet Garden makes a great organic line of minced herbs and spices, I always keep the lemongrass to throw into soups, dressings and even juices. You can find their products in most Canadian grocery stores.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen Breakfast Bowl for happy bowels

Sorry I couldn't resist. Happy bowels make your day an life better, you know it, even if you won't admit it. This delicious breakfast bowl is filled with antioxidants and best of all it's super easy to make. All you need is frozen fruit, nuts, seeds, dried berries, green powder, and some coconut milk. 

On a trip to Miami in December my friend took me to this awesome juice bar concept called Jugofresh. Although I couldn't really appreciate it at the time - I was desperately hung over and in serious need of a greasy spoon type meal. Not a post workout green healthy type of morning. Any way this place was amazing. A wicked selection of cold pressed juices and elixirs in these super cute mini glass bottles. They also had some interesting sounding dishes that until you have them in front of you are a totally unimaginable. Like a kale and coconut ceviche, raw oatmeals, and the frozen fruit bowl I made today. 

Ingredients: All quantities are approximate
Frozen fruit - 1/3 c. mango, 1/3 c. blueberries, 3 chunks pineapple 
Powder - 1 tsp spirulina & chlorella 
Liquids - 1/3 cup coconut milk, splash cold water & 3 oz seabuckthorn liquid supplement 
Crunchy toppings - goji berries, raw macadamia nuts, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, bee pollen, black chia, and Danielle's coconut chips. 

Blend the fruit and liquid, until it forms a sorbet consistency- I use a Nutribullet. Then top with a sprinkling of crunchies. That easy. You can even make your fruit puree in advance an leave it in the freezer. 

Happy pooping peeps. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Tomato Snob is back, don't hate me.

Looks like I'm the worst! I'm sorry, I suck, I know. I've been so busy the last few months with work, life and my own health journey, that I've totally neglected my blog. Using my blogger app from my phone has been a total bust, but I do vow to give it an honest try in efforts to win you all back. 

So a lot has happened since that boring fall pear post from a few months back. I've started teaching yoga, pilates and ballet bootcamp on a permanent basis at a studio called Wicked Barre in Toronto. I finished teaching all of my community classes at Yogaspace and I'm hoping that in the spring I'll score something more permanent there as well. 

I missed the 4th anniversary of the TomatoSnob blog. Wow can't believe it's been four years. Thank you to all of the people, fans, readers and even the haters who have supported and inspired me to express myself in this format. Looking forward to another four years and I hope I'm able to continue and maybe even pick up the pace since as you've noticed I've been seriously slacking.

I've been traveling like crazy the last few months going to NYC, Miami, Panama City, New Orleans, Bracebridge and San Jose del Cabo. Since i've come back smack dab in the middle of tax season my first priority is getting that out of the way, but here are some photos of my travels. 

Lots of love and appreciation!!! xoxo J

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